Have you done any “new things” for 2015? I did the “Cube”!

100_6264I had blogged about doing at least one new thing a week in a blog earlier this year, and I wanted to see if you tried any new things this year yet!?

I found it was easier to do one new thing a week than expected. It came naturally, and I noticed that it gave me a positive charge when I did it! The new experiences were fun, exciting and sometimes simply new and different than my normal routine.

One of the new things was going onto the cube at the top of the Sears Tower. When I first heard about the “cube” I didn’t think it would be a big deal at all, but when I was up there and as I very slowly inched my way out onto the clear sheet of plastic, I was really quite scared!!!! I didn’t want to let my daughter know how scared I was, because she is naturally so brave, and I don’t want to spoil any of that within her with my fear of heights etc. We had so much fun doing different poses and per the picture, Ireland made herself quite comfortable!

I had been up to the top of the Sears tower one other time 18 years ago with a special newcomer to our great city, so going up to the top counted as well since it had been over 10 years=-)

Laverty Life Link: Notice what it feels like when you do something new—how is it different than you expected, what emotions do you feel and how can you share that with someone in your life so you can keep the dialogue going on doing “new things” and what impact that has on you?


Connecting on Crucial Conversations

Pink heart flowersJoseph Grenny wrote a wonderful book called “Crucial Conversations”, and I agree with the authors who state that the ability to have those tough, and at times highly charged conversations, is one of the most important skills anyone can have both personally and professionally.

Having charged conversations has been an area I have worked on through the years and will continue to work on….forever=-) It does not come naturally to me which is why I appreciate books like “Crucial Conversations”.

Their definition of a Crucial Conversation is one where the “Opinions differ and Emotions and Stakes are high”. If you find yourself on the brink of a Crucial Conversation personally or professionally, their first success strategy is to “Start with Heart”. My interpretation of that is to take a moment to breathe, breathe into your own body and connect with that loving part of yourself, so you can come from love about yourself as well as come from love towards the other.

Think about what you appreciate about this person and what you are grateful for with regards to this relationship.

This is not always easy to do, but if you can take a moment to breath and connect with your heart and their heart before having the conversation, it most likely will go at least a little better than if you didn’t.

Laverty Life Links: Notice if you have a Crucial Conversation personally or professionally and if so, take a moment to “Start with Heart”. Notice how the conversation goes perhaps differently than if hadn’t connected with your heart first.


I dare me—you—US!? Happy New Year!=-)

I read a wonderful little memoir called “I Dare Me!” by Lu Ann Cahn about how she did something new every day for a year.  It was a fun little read, and it inspired me to think about getting out there and doing, being, choosing differently.

I am committed to one new thing a week which is only 52 “new things” in a year which felt VERY doable to me, almost easy!  Some simple changes from my first week made a difference fIMG_3366or me….I enjoyed a ton of new classes at a new workout center for the week–loved my new yoga, spinning and strength teachers…energizing!

I “let” my daughter go downhill skiing for the first time and she just conquered those hills with her usual grace and grit, and I said some extra prayers that day=-)  She’s my inspiration every day bc she does something new pretty much every day and her life reflects that passion and “joie de vivre”.

The list goes on, nothing life changing per se, but moment changing perhaps which leads to life changing….Here’s to a wonderful 2015!

Laverty’s Life Link:  Think about small, medium even large things you could choose differently each day and see how it feels…feel free to share your experiences with others and pass the inspiration forward=-)  Love, Tracy and truly–happy, peaceful new year to you…..

Top 10 Ways to Harness the Laws of Attraction=-)

Consider yourself the luckiest person in the world no matter what is currently happening.

Love where you are in every moment.

Yellow tulips with one red one

Practice gratitude for all of your blessings.

Accept your past as the gift it was meant to be—to bring you to who you are now.

Forgive another for things you perceive were done to you knowing they only lead you to create the life you were meant to have.

Visualize how you want to feel, how you want to be and what you want to create.Bless people you meet throughout the day.

Surround yourself with people and things you love.

Create habits that support your health and happiness.

Be aware of your thoughts, feelings and desires.

Laverty Life Links:  Consider which one or two of the above ideas you are willing to take on this week to see how it affects your life and how you feel=-)

If you are going to tell a story, you may as well tell yourself a good one!

Moab red rocksWe all tell stories to ourselves…some stories we tell uplift and energize us and some stories bring us down about ourselves or others.   

As I told my client last week, if you are going to tell yourself a story, you may as well tell yourself a good one! Your story determines your attitude, your passion and your next steps=-)  I believe that each of us has strength areas in our lives (i.e. Relationships, Career, Family, Financial, Health, Spiritual etc.)  I also believe that each of us has ONE AREA that drives us bananas and most likely will continue to be somewhat challenging throughout our lives.  It is our growth and journey inducing arena=-)

Knowing that one area may continue to baffle and confound me helps me to accept, allow and be patient with myself in that arena. I am committed to “love myself anyway”=-) On the other hand, I have a goal to have the absolute best life possible, so I most likely will be working on and through that arena (for me it is romantic relationships) till the day I take my last breath=-) The questions below get to the heart of that journey and exploring your strength area stories, so you can begin to plant those stories into the more vulnerable areas.

Below is an excerpt of questions from my Harnessing the Laws of Attraction Dabble (www.dabble.co) class:

Please list the Top Strength Areas in your life:

Please list your Belief Systems in these areas:

Please list the Areas for Improvement in your life:

Please list your belief systems in these areas (the “Laws of Repulsion”=-):

Please list your newly created belief systems for your focus areas:

How are you going to plant and practice these new belief systems?

Laverty Life Links: Think of the stories that you tell that energize you and tell those more OFTEN!=-)  Now think of stories you tell that bring your energy down—consider if you can shift that story to a better one. Perhaps you can map on one of your energizing stories onto the more “draining one”.  If you would like the worksheet on this, feel free to let me know and I will email it to you! =-)


Prayer is Being Grateful or Asking…Meditation is Listening….

I don’t know when this idea first came to me..and perhaps it was through a book I was reading, but it is so clear to me that prayer (whatever or whomever you may pray to) is perhaps being grateful or asking for what one wants.  For me, meditation is listening…listening to my intuition, to source energy, to God….to that quiet voice.  I love the shavasana part of the Yoga practice. At the end of Yoga one lies on their back and is quiet for the closing minutes. I always want it to be longer!

I usually will ask a question that has been on my mind or heart and listen to what comes to me….I do this throughout the day as well bc it is so important to tap into that quiet voice that can guide me on my true path.  The more confused I am–the more important this practice is!!

Laverty’s Life Link:  To whom or what do you listen for your higher wisdom? How do you create the space in your life to listen to your inner guidance?

This blog is super short—more meditation, less me!!!=-)

Intuition Whispers—To Hear–You Need to Listen Closely and Choose….

Listen to the quiet message…to the whisper that is there between all the noise….that is where intuition lies (not really LIES though, you know what I am saying=-). 

As a Coach, I find it really tricky to coach people to find and listen to their intuition..it is very subtle.  Clearly, when one can be grounded and quiet through being in nature, meditation and/or prayer, there are more chances for hearing your intuition.

The funny thing about intuition is that it is so quiet!  I remember one time I was driving the usual route to school and something very quiet said “turn right here”—“go the other way”.  I THOUGHT (first mistake=-), but why? Nope, I am just going to go the way I normally do.  Sure enough we ran into major construction and had to loop all around to get to where we needed to go.  In retrospect, I remembered that quiet voice inside that had said “go the other way”.  Intuition is not only quiet, but it does not carry a big stick.  It doesn’t breed fear, spread shame or show anger, it very simply and with love speaks to me…and then it is up to me to listen or not!!!

I do my best to listen to my intuition as much as possible…even silly times like yesterday, it said, “clean your windshield”, I thought, why?  I am almost home, I will just do it tomorrow…and then I said to myself, Tracy CLEAN YOUR WINDSHIELD, good lord!!!  Why mess with it….why take a chance and NOT listen…..who knows what could happen=-) Cleary I talk to myself a lot.

These are small and easy stories, but of course there are larger things at stake when listening to our “logic” vs our intuition–like whether we should go to MCA Family Day or should I write 5 blogs and Ireland can make 20 rubber band bracelets=-)  We chose to stay home as you can read….

Laverty’s Life Link:  How does your intuition show up? There are four different ways intuition expresses itself, one can: see things, hear things, sense things or just “know” things.   How do you foster the space in your life to sense your intuition?  What happens when you listen to it and what happens when you don’t?=-)

To me there is no closer connection to source energy than one’s intuition!