A TV, a Hope and a Prayer….Only God knows how it happened

I will be revealing a bit about myself in this blog, and it is too funny and amazing not to share….So we have a TV from 1992–we don’t watch much TV, so it is fine for the occasional DVD movie etc.  I do a thing called Freecycle where you can give and receive things for free (it is AMAZING by the way!!!! I highly recommend the yahoo group=-).  A nice lady offered a 2002 Toshiba TV, and she clearly said it is too big for women to carry, and I would need 2 men to c100_5380arry it.  I

don’t have 2 men in my life that I would ask to move this TV, so something in my intuition said, just go for it with your daughter and see what happens. She was game as she wanted to get the TV out of her apartment (note it is 150 pounds and about 3.5 feet by 3.5 feet, so just a HUGE HEAVY BOX as you can see in the pictures!!)

We trekked over tonight, and I felt like somehow it was all meant to be, so I was kind of excited about the adventure. Firstly, the nice lady was an angel to allow us to try this and to help….then the nice maintenance man saw us with the TV and offered help into the car….and then it DIDN’T FIT IN THE BACK OF MY FOUR DOOR SEDAN. Honestly, I was about to give up at that point, but now the nice lady had her TV outside, and I am sure she didn’t want us to drag it back up again!!!! So they mentioned I should get a cab…but it didn’t fit into any normal and even one SUV cab we found (!!!???@#$%@#%$#$%).  So we called a big SUV cab and this VERY NICE man agreed to haul the TV alone while my daughter and I drove behind him to get back to my loft….

Angel #?? came over to help the cab driver lift it into the back of the SUV, and we were off….My daughter and I were able to use the dolly (that I got from a friend angel) and the story goes on…just angels popping up at just the right times….the TV is so huge once we got it home I was almost like, I am not sure if we can handle this in our loft but my daughter said oh yes….oh yes….we are keeping it=-)  So I hooked it up with the lovely Cable people on the phone, and it has really a nice picture!!!!!

What is my point…sometimes there are angels who come out of the woodwork and it is fun to take on adventures like this–if only to experience the goodness and kindness of humans….no words to express how nice all these people were….tears were shed and hugs were shared…..

Laverty Life Links: When have you climbed a big mountain and have literally felt like you were carried by angels throughout the process?  How was your life transformed as a result?

PS: Clearly we could afford a new flat screen TV with home delivery…but that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?! Well…. maybe the next time that would be a little fun=-)100_5383


Top 10 Ways to Destroy your Life using the Law of Repulsion=-)

Think about your past constantly.

Obsess about how you could have done things differently.

Tip of Glacier

Spend all day dreaming about your future.

Criticize and complain about your life.

Judge everyone.

Wish you could have someone else’s life.

 Believe that everything is someone else’s fault. Think you can get a new life by doing the same thing you have always done.

Blame your parents for your current life.

Wallow in self-pity for what God (or whomever) has done to you.

Laverty Life Links: Consider if you knowingly or unknowingly do any of these items which are truly self-abandoning and simply become aware of it when you do..and notice how you feel.

PS It was kind of funny bc i was looking at all of my pictures and images on file, and I don’t have anything to add to this blog…and I didn’t really want to add a picture to represent this bc often pictures are more viscerally impactful than words, so I wouldn’t want to add that to your consciousness nor mine!!!!  The iceberg represents many things to me and one of them is how something can appear small and almost innocuous on the surface, but deep down it is large and ominous…and that is how I think of some of these law of repulsion habits.  I did a.co class on this topic and one of my participants didn’t want to take this document home bc it was too negative–now that is someone who doesn’t let this stuff into her space=-)


Top 10 Ways to Harness the Laws of Attraction=-)

Consider yourself the luckiest person in the world no matter what is currently happening.

Love where you are in every moment.

Yellow tulips with one red one

Practice gratitude for all of your blessings.

Accept your past as the gift it was meant to be—to bring you to who you are now.

Forgive another for things you perceive were done to you knowing they only lead you to create the life you were meant to have.

Visualize how you want to feel, how you want to be and what you want to create.Bless people you meet throughout the day.

Surround yourself with people and things you love.

Create habits that support your health and happiness.

Be aware of your thoughts, feelings and desires.

Laverty Life Links:  Consider which one or two of the above ideas you are willing to take on this week to see how it affects your life and how you feel=-)

If you are going to tell a story, you may as well tell yourself a good one!

Moab red rocksWe all tell stories to ourselves…some stories we tell uplift and energize us and some stories bring us down about ourselves or others.   

As I told my client last week, if you are going to tell yourself a story, you may as well tell yourself a good one! Your story determines your attitude, your passion and your next steps=-)  I believe that each of us has strength areas in our lives (i.e. Relationships, Career, Family, Financial, Health, Spiritual etc.)  I also believe that each of us has ONE AREA that drives us bananas and most likely will continue to be somewhat challenging throughout our lives.  It is our growth and journey inducing arena=-)

Knowing that one area may continue to baffle and confound me helps me to accept, allow and be patient with myself in that arena. I am committed to “love myself anyway”=-) On the other hand, I have a goal to have the absolute best life possible, so I most likely will be working on and through that arena (for me it is romantic relationships) till the day I take my last breath=-) The questions below get to the heart of that journey and exploring your strength area stories, so you can begin to plant those stories into the more vulnerable areas.

Below is an excerpt of questions from my Harnessing the Laws of Attraction Dabble (www.dabble.co) class:

Please list the Top Strength Areas in your life:

Please list your Belief Systems in these areas:

Please list the Areas for Improvement in your life:

Please list your belief systems in these areas (the “Laws of Repulsion”=-):

Please list your newly created belief systems for your focus areas:

How are you going to plant and practice these new belief systems?

Laverty Life Links: Think of the stories that you tell that energize you and tell those more OFTEN!=-)  Now think of stories you tell that bring your energy down—consider if you can shift that story to a better one. Perhaps you can map on one of your energizing stories onto the more “draining one”.  If you would like the worksheet on this, feel free to let me know and I will email it to you! =-)


Whether the Weather Weathers You

I have generally had a belief and focus that I was going to be happy no matter the weather….I simply don’t talk about the weather, unless it is positive.  Living in Chicago, that is a good thing, I can tell you=-) You don’t choose to live in Chicago for the consistently great weather!!=-)

Funny story on this…one day my California sister Paige took my daughter Ireland out to an adventure.  It was a cold, dreary, VERY GREY day out, and we burst out of our front door and Ireland exclaims, “What a BEAUTIFUL day it is today!  I can’t wait….” Paige looks at me like she is crazy, and I give her the stern, “don’t infect Ireland with your story on the weather please” look. Luckily Paige got the message, and after 9 years Ireland still will exclaim at any number of our Chicago days that it is a beautiful day out there to be living life…..I love my daughter. Similar to the dad in “Life is Beautiful”, I have strived to create a story and lifestyle that I believe will support her in living her best and most positive life possible every day. Being a mom is my greatest passion and the most important thing in my life. That is another story though….

The point of THIS story is what STORY are you going to make up about whatever the weather is today?  I hear people complaining about the weather and blaming the weather for any number of things. I truly do believe that we would be better off if we were a little more like I imagine animals to be and just simply saw the beauty in all of the weather that we happen to get….the rain brings gorgeous flowers, green grass and prosperous trees, the snow brings fun on the slopes (big OR Chicago small=-) and magical snow angels, the heat brings the perfect opportunity to dip in the pool or the lake and so on.

I thank god for the great weather we have every day in Chicago, and I love living here….wouldn’t live anywhere else…..until I do I guess….=-)

Laverty’s Life Link:  How can you be grateful for the silver lining in any and all weather that comes your way? Trust me, if you do, your day and life will brighten greatly no matter the wattage of the sun=-)

Spin a Good Attitude and Create a Great Altitude

I have been to 100’s of spinning classes, and I have been fascinated by a few of the instructors.  We have a new Friday am instructor at my club. There weren’t many people there and there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm in the group, but she came to us with bold and bright energy each week!  She was having us do chants and different spinning “moves” and really brought heart, soul, humor and a big smile to the class.

At one point someone said, “there is no one here” and she said, “there will be…we will bring in our new tribe”.  It is not easy to bring that kind of energy and boldness to a few lackluster spinners and keep bringing it week after week.  Yesterday I acknowledged her for her positive spirit and energy and told her it made a difference to me and I am sure to others.  She said “I needed that today”. She had a lot more people drift in and a few really vocal folks who were clearly joining with her energy and vibe.

I share this because there are so many fun Law of Attraction points to this story. Today I will focus on how your attitude determines your altitude=-) She really brought the right attitude each class NO MATTER WHAT…even if we were silent and slow, even if we were not into it, even if some of us had our own headphones on–she brought it…..and then she brought it again–it is contagious. It is not always easy to bring a great attitude….she inspired me, and I wanted to share a piece of her with you as well.

Laverty’s Life Link:  Where does your attitude bring yourself and possibly others forward and up?  How can you celebrate that?

Where does your attitude bring yourself/others down? What are you willing to do to change your attitude and focus…..to create a new altitude? This may be as easy as focusing on what you are grateful for and how you want to feel in that moment..it may be as easy as a sincere smile to a friendly face.

Bees mainly sting when they are scared….

My daughter was sharing her perspective about bees one night, and she said, “they only sting when they are scared”.  I was thinking about how that is so true in life.  People often “attack” or get prickly when they are scared.  I think of that and it helps me stay grounded (at times=-) I can sense that it is not “personal” and it often doesn’t have anything to do with me, but more to do with them….their own fears or projections.

When I am angry, I take time to feel and think–what am I afraid of?  Why am I getting triggered right now?  I will often write in my journal as a way to process and express myself before talking with the person. At times, I don’t need to have a conversation, because the journal process healed what needed healing.

When others are angry at me or around me, I think of them like the “bee”. How might they be afraid right now? That helps me to maintain my center and grounding as they express themselves.

Laverty Life Link:  Consider when you are the bee stinging and how that feels..and what you could do to calm down before going in for the kill=-)  Also consider when others are upset, that they are simply feeling unsafe. If you love them, consider how to help them feel safe again. Often a little loving kindness will pave the way for a better next moment.