Spin a Good Attitude and Create a Great Altitude

I have been to 100’s of spinning classes, and I have been fascinated by a few of the instructors.  We have a new Friday am instructor at my club. There weren’t many people there and there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm in the group, but she came to us with bold and bright energy each week!  She was having us do chants and different spinning “moves” and really brought heart, soul, humor and a big smile to the class.

At one point someone said, “there is no one here” and she said, “there will be…we will bring in our new tribe”.  It is not easy to bring that kind of energy and boldness to a few lackluster spinners and keep bringing it week after week.  Yesterday I acknowledged her for her positive spirit and energy and told her it made a difference to me and I am sure to others.  She said “I needed that today”. She had a lot more people drift in and a few really vocal folks who were clearly joining with her energy and vibe.

I share this because there are so many fun Law of Attraction points to this story. Today I will focus on how your attitude determines your altitude=-) She really brought the right attitude each class NO MATTER WHAT…even if we were silent and slow, even if we were not into it, even if some of us had our own headphones on–she brought it…..and then she brought it again–it is contagious. It is not always easy to bring a great attitude….she inspired me, and I wanted to share a piece of her with you as well.

Laverty’s Life Link:  Where does your attitude bring yourself and possibly others forward and up?  How can you celebrate that?

Where does your attitude bring yourself/others down? What are you willing to do to change your attitude and focus…..to create a new altitude? This may be as easy as focusing on what you are grateful for and how you want to feel in that moment..it may be as easy as a sincere smile to a friendly face.