Ahhhh….Four Season Living=-)

Winter white forestI have noticed that many people seem to talk about the weather….often…..

That has always confused me, because one can’t really change the weather, one can change where they choose to live or how they choose to view the weather, but most of us cannot actually change weather patterns=-) I found myself thinking about why so many people choose to live in Chicago, and yet complain so often and heartily about the weather that is simply a part of living in Chicago.

I was thinking about “Four Season Living” and the benefits that may almost be invisible. I wonder if living amongst the four seasons allows us to experience the natural ebb and flow of life….hibernation in the Winter–taking things a bit more slowly…birthing in the Spring and finding new pleasures and new life….living out loud throughout the crazy fun Summer….and then chilling out in the gorgeous Fall….

I spent 6 weeks in Hawaii one year and every single day was sunny and 75 with a little sprinkle of rain midday some days. It was GORGEOUS and beautiful, and I love Hawaii…and yet I don’t know if I could thrive there. I was raised on four season living, and I might die here as well=-) I enjoy raising my daughter in Chicago for many reasons, and I am realizing one of them is the beauty of experiencing all life has to offer with regards to the weather and the natural cycles….

I wanted to share this so the next time you might find yourself in some crazy Chicago weather….perhaps you can enjoy the ride it is offering….or change your ride.

Laverty’s Life Link: Consider the benefits of the weather pattern you choose to live in and enjoy them…or consider moving to an area that more closely matches your personality and desires!


A TV, a Hope and a Prayer….Only God knows how it happened

I will be revealing a bit about myself in this blog, and it is too funny and amazing not to share….So we have a TV from 1992–we don’t watch much TV, so it is fine for the occasional DVD movie etc.  I do a thing called Freecycle where you can give and receive things for free (it is AMAZING by the way!!!! I highly recommend the yahoo group=-).  A nice lady offered a 2002 Toshiba TV, and she clearly said it is too big for women to carry, and I would need 2 men to c100_5380arry it.  I

don’t have 2 men in my life that I would ask to move this TV, so something in my intuition said, just go for it with your daughter and see what happens. She was game as she wanted to get the TV out of her apartment (note it is 150 pounds and about 3.5 feet by 3.5 feet, so just a HUGE HEAVY BOX as you can see in the pictures!!)

We trekked over tonight, and I felt like somehow it was all meant to be, so I was kind of excited about the adventure. Firstly, the nice lady was an angel to allow us to try this and to help….then the nice maintenance man saw us with the TV and offered help into the car….and then it DIDN’T FIT IN THE BACK OF MY FOUR DOOR SEDAN. Honestly, I was about to give up at that point, but now the nice lady had her TV outside, and I am sure she didn’t want us to drag it back up again!!!! So they mentioned I should get a cab…but it didn’t fit into any normal and even one SUV cab we found (!!!???@#$%@#%$#$%).  So we called a big SUV cab and this VERY NICE man agreed to haul the TV alone while my daughter and I drove behind him to get back to my loft….

Angel #?? came over to help the cab driver lift it into the back of the SUV, and we were off….My daughter and I were able to use the dolly (that I got from a friend angel) and the story goes on…just angels popping up at just the right times….the TV is so huge once we got it home I was almost like, I am not sure if we can handle this in our loft but my daughter said oh yes….oh yes….we are keeping it=-)  So I hooked it up with the lovely Cable people on the phone, and it has really a nice picture!!!!!

What is my point…sometimes there are angels who come out of the woodwork and it is fun to take on adventures like this–if only to experience the goodness and kindness of humans….no words to express how nice all these people were….tears were shed and hugs were shared…..

Laverty Life Links: When have you climbed a big mountain and have literally felt like you were carried by angels throughout the process?  How was your life transformed as a result?

PS: Clearly we could afford a new flat screen TV with home delivery…but that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?! Well…. maybe the next time that would be a little fun=-)100_5383

What we fill our minds with determines our present and future–for better or for worse!

As I sit here on the morning of Thanksgiving, I think about things I am thankful for, and one of them is the basics of the Laws of Attraction….what you focus on persists….for better or for worse=-) At many levels I believe we are able to create our days and our attitudes the way we want, and it is up to us to own that.  I was thinking about those stories I have read about the prisoners of war and how one of the men in the camps would think about playing that perfect round of golf–over and over to stay sane, he would think about and visualize playing golf, perfecting that swing, the whoosh of the clubs. Then once out of the camps, he came home and played the best game of his life after many years in the camp. (Zig Ziglar shared the store of Major James Nesmeth.)

This story really speaks to both the laws of attraction and on what we focus on we create, and how important it is to think about something great we want to create.  If one is worrying, one is literally creating that thing upon which one is worrying about!!!  I have noticed in my life that there are some topic areas where I naturally and consistently focus upon the goals, vision and positive and thus achieve those goals easily and generally quickly (for me most of my life falls in this category, being a mom to my daughter, my work, my health, my spirituality etc.).

In other areas (or for me one area—relationships with men!!!) where I focus on fear, worry or what I don’t have or haven’t been able to create, I get more of the same!!=-(.  It is such a circle though isn’t it!?  I at times think, well I have fear and worry bc of what I see is my “reality” in that arena, but I am actually creating it because of my fear and worry!!!  I must break the cycle!!  I would invite you to look at your life and celebrate the areas that you naturally tend towards the natural and positive creation.

Laverty Life Links: Consider one area in your life that you think positively, feel confident about and know good things will come. List out your main belief systems for this arena.  Then, consider one area where you tend to have more fear and worry and list out those basic belief systems.  Pray about how you can leverage your strengths and affirmative belief systems for ALL areas of your life!!!  Let’s do it together=-)