The Water Challenge! 

My sister Paige Laverty sent me the link below that shared one woman’s experience with drinking up to 100 ounces of water each day—we were inspired to drink more water each day…be it 80 ounces or ??– whatever felt right.  We took our before and after pictures and simply had fun with it!

What could be more simple, easy, free and more than likely “healthful” than to drink more water each day!?  I noticed my skin became very, very soft over the month—literally like baby skin softness!! My sister found that some of her joint aches and pains from all of her California surfing went away during the first week and hasn’t returned.

This is part of the try something new each week commitment from my last post, how is that going for you if you took that on!?=-)  100_6082

Laverty Life Link: If it feels right, try drinking even one more glass of water each day and see how you feel!


Hula hooping naked–What would happen if you tried something new each week? Find out!=-)

I teach a class called Discover your Values and Create your Life Plan through Dabble and other venues, and the class inspires one to think about what their top four Values are and then listing out how to incorporate those value into one’s life!  As a sole parent to my 9 year old daughter, I have found that one of my top values of Adventure has been a bit more limited in its scope over the last decade=-)  More clearly said, as a mom I aimed to create a wonderfully adventurous life for my daughter—water parks, Great America, trips to Disney, local museum adventures…..yet they weren’t really the adventures of my 20’s=-)  I realized that I needed to incorporate more of my own version of adventures into my live/our lives…..

Over the last few weeks I have been looking for “new ways” to do things or new things to try professionally and personally.  It has been a lot of fun to dip my toe in different waters.  This blog is one of them by the way!!!

Last Friday I was up quite late working on my website and listening to Pandora and a really great song came on.  I thought, what the heck—I will dance to the song…..and I did.  Then I saw my daughter’s bright shiny new custom made hula hoop by a local hula hooping clown (Mr. Petey) and I thought, well, let’s see if I still have it…..=-) My bulky sweatshirt was getting in the way of mastering my hula hooping moves, so I took that off and hula hooped to the song under the moon in our beautiful city of Chicago……

It was so fun, and I felt a sense of joy and freedom over such a simple little mini at home adventure, but I will always remember that night and thinking, hey, I still got it=-)

Life Link:  Look at what your top four values are and ensure you are living them each day in all of the important areas of your life (Relationships, Financially, Spiritually etc.).  Try something new each week to step out of your comfort zone and have a little fun with yourself and life.  If you would like a copy of a few documents to help you along your path, feel free to email me!  Feel free to share any of your new experiences and how it felt after you did it in the comments section….celebrate with us!