Have you done any “new things” for 2015? I did the “Cube”!

100_6264I had blogged about doing at least one new thing a week in a blog earlier this year, and I wanted to see if you tried any new things this year yet!?

I found it was easier to do one new thing a week than expected. It came naturally, and I noticed that it gave me a positive charge when I did it! The new experiences were fun, exciting and sometimes simply new and different than my normal routine.

One of the new things was going onto the cube at the top of the Sears Tower. When I first heard about the “cube” I didn’t think it would be a big deal at all, but when I was up there and as I very slowly inched my way out onto the clear sheet of plastic, I was really quite scared!!!! I didn’t want to let my daughter know how scared I was, because she is naturally so brave, and I don’t want to spoil any of that within her with my fear of heights etc. We had so much fun doing different poses and per the picture, Ireland made herself quite comfortable!

I had been up to the top of the Sears tower one other time 18 years ago with a special newcomer to our great city, so going up to the top counted as well since it had been over 10 years=-)

Laverty Life Link: Notice what it feels like when you do something new—how is it different than you expected, what emotions do you feel and how can you share that with someone in your life so you can keep the dialogue going on doing “new things” and what impact that has on you?


I dare me—you—US!? Happy New Year!=-)

I read a wonderful little memoir called “I Dare Me!” by Lu Ann Cahn about how she did something new every day for a year.  It was a fun little read, and it inspired me to think about getting out there and doing, being, choosing differently.

I am committed to one new thing a week which is only 52 “new things” in a year which felt VERY doable to me, almost easy!  Some simple changes from my first week made a difference fIMG_3366or me….I enjoyed a ton of new classes at a new workout center for the week–loved my new yoga, spinning and strength teachers…energizing!

I “let” my daughter go downhill skiing for the first time and she just conquered those hills with her usual grace and grit, and I said some extra prayers that day=-)  She’s my inspiration every day bc she does something new pretty much every day and her life reflects that passion and “joie de vivre”.

The list goes on, nothing life changing per se, but moment changing perhaps which leads to life changing….Here’s to a wonderful 2015!

Laverty’s Life Link:  Think about small, medium even large things you could choose differently each day and see how it feels…feel free to share your experiences with others and pass the inspiration forward=-)  Love, Tracy and truly–happy, peaceful new year to you…..

More Magnificent Men in Mauve

I was out and about on Valentine’s Day and the men were out in red on a five to one ratio=-) I think men can be the most romantic, sweet and lovely people, and I have been so lucky to have attracted wonderful partners.  I have often thought that if I ever wrote a book, I would dedicate it to the four boyfriends I have had. I may or may not ever write a book, so this is dedicated to former boyfriends—T, M, D and N….

I heard some people lamenting the other day about Valentine’s Day and how they didn’t have a “special partner” for the weekend celebrations.  I happen to be single as well, yet I feel so filled up with love from all the people and experiences in my life.  As the years go on, I have a sense of the love coming through friends, family, nature or spiritual forces, and it all means the world to me.  I feel as loved, special and beautiful as a single person, as I did when I was with one of my boyfriends. 

I know in part that I feel this way today because of the love I received from these four special people who loved me no matter what, told me I was beautiful, held me when I was scared or sad, and through their love, healed the wounds that were deep inside.  

Their unconditional love has meant the world to me…they are the reason why I can be the mom that I am, the friend that I am and do the work that I do today.  I share this in part bc I simply was inspired by all the sweet men out there in red yesterday. As well, some women have shared that they haven’t been with men who are loving and kind.  We are all worth that kind of healing and precious love–to give and receive it. There really are no words to express what I am trying to say, but this is the best I’ve got=-) Thinking of you today t, m, d and n…..

Laverty Life Link: Who has been special in your life–filling you with the kind of love that stays in your heart and soul through the years? Consider letting them know how much they have meant to you. 

Think of the people you have shared that kind of love with and be grateful that you have had the capacity to do so. It is truly a gift to give and receive that deep soul centered love. 

It Mattered to This One….

Some of you may have heard the story of the little girl and the starfish….she was throwing the starfish in one by one along the ocean. Someone came up to her and said, “there are 1000’s of these starfish, how could it possibly make a difference to throw in a few”. She looked up brightly and said, as she threw one in, “well it mattered to this one!”. 

This is an amazing story of making a difference in her corner of the world….I love that. Not many of us are Oprah or Tony Robbins and impacting thousands of people each day, but each of us can make a difference in our small corner of the world. I live by that to the best of my ability every day.

I wanted to share a story of someone who made a difference in my life.  When my parents were going through a divorce when I was 8, a woman/mom named Marilyn rented an extra bedroom at my dad’s house while she needed medical help in the area.  She had an authentic care for children and a deep belief in God.  She spent a lot of time with me–talking with me, asking me questions, playing the “Ungame” with me and simply being there in a way that was very, very special and important at that time in my life.

After all these years, we still keep in touch, and I was asking her some questions about her perspective of me when I was little and what was going on. I began to realize more and more how much of a difference she made in my life, and she was only there 6 short months.  I started crying as I shared how important she was to me and my future growth.  I was working out while chatting, so if you ever see someone bawling at the LA Fitness, it might be me, depending on the day=-)

Laverty’s Life Link:  How can you make a loving difference in your corner of the world?  Think about who has made a difference in your life with their loving touch, their friendly smile or their helping hand and share with them how important they are to you. That will for sure make a difference in their life…and the circle of caring continues.

Happy Happy Love Day….that can be every day……

As I told Marilyn, “I know it wasn’t easy living away from your family for that time and I wouldn’t wish your medical issues on anyone, but the time you shared with me, “made a difference” to this one…