Have you done any “new things” for 2015? I did the “Cube”!

100_6264I had blogged about doing at least one new thing a week in a blog earlier this year, and I wanted to see if you tried any new things this year yet!?

I found it was easier to do one new thing a week than expected. It came naturally, and I noticed that it gave me a positive charge when I did it! The new experiences were fun, exciting and sometimes simply new and different than my normal routine.

One of the new things was going onto the cube at the top of the Sears Tower. When I first heard about the “cube” I didn’t think it would be a big deal at all, but when I was up there and as I very slowly inched my way out onto the clear sheet of plastic, I was really quite scared!!!! I didn’t want to let my daughter know how scared I was, because she is naturally so brave, and I don’t want to spoil any of that within her with my fear of heights etc. We had so much fun doing different poses and per the picture, Ireland made herself quite comfortable!

I had been up to the top of the Sears tower one other time 18 years ago with a special newcomer to our great city, so going up to the top counted as well since it had been over 10 years=-)

Laverty Life Link: Notice what it feels like when you do something new—how is it different than you expected, what emotions do you feel and how can you share that with someone in your life so you can keep the dialogue going on doing “new things” and what impact that has on you?


I dare me—you—US!? Happy New Year!=-)

I read a wonderful little memoir called “I Dare Me!” by Lu Ann Cahn about how she did something new every day for a year.  It was a fun little read, and it inspired me to think about getting out there and doing, being, choosing differently.

I am committed to one new thing a week which is only 52 “new things” in a year which felt VERY doable to me, almost easy!  Some simple changes from my first week made a difference fIMG_3366or me….I enjoyed a ton of new classes at a new workout center for the week–loved my new yoga, spinning and strength teachers…energizing!

I “let” my daughter go downhill skiing for the first time and she just conquered those hills with her usual grace and grit, and I said some extra prayers that day=-)  She’s my inspiration every day bc she does something new pretty much every day and her life reflects that passion and “joie de vivre”.

The list goes on, nothing life changing per se, but moment changing perhaps which leads to life changing….Here’s to a wonderful 2015!

Laverty’s Life Link:  Think about small, medium even large things you could choose differently each day and see how it feels…feel free to share your experiences with others and pass the inspiration forward=-)  Love, Tracy and truly–happy, peaceful new year to you…..

Have an Argument to “Make shiny”=-)

I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a culture that supported stuffing emotions and feelings.  One of the phrases I often heard was “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.”  In general, I have been, and still am to some extent, uncomfortable expressing the true range of my thoughts, feelings and emotions, especially to girlfriends.  I am much more comfortable with my daughter and boyfriend.

In the past, I would interact with people from different cultures who had more of a “let it all hang out and let the chips fall where they may” mindset. Years ago, this not only scared me, but I would say I thought it was “unhealthy” (all that screaming and yelling!!)  As the years go by (and I am about to turn 44, so they are going by=-), I am seeing the benefits of the other side as well…and as always am looking for the balance for myself. The balance of being loving and kind, and also fully authentic with my thoughts and feelings.

At this point, I would say my goal is to be more towards the “let it all hang out” than not.  I refer to these moments or conversations as needing to have a “come to jesus”=-) These conversations can be very tricky and can lead to two people coming closer together and at times further apart. Either way my goal is to be as authentic and loving as possible, so that the relationship is a more REAL connection.

I read an excerpt that stated that arguments, properly understood, should be engaged, not avoided, because “argument” comes from the Latin word, arguer, which means “to make clear” or “shiny” to bring light to the truth (John 14:6).  I don’t quote the Bible myself, since I don’t know it very well, but there you have it.

My goal is to find ways to make my life as shiny as possible through authentic and loving conversations–hard or otherwise-I am 100 % committed to that.

Laverty Life Link: Where is there a relationship in your life that needs a little clearing out? What are you willing to do to have an authentic, yet loving conversation with this person to discover what is next for your relationship? You might be amazed at what you find=-)  I have been…..and I am proud of myself—it has probably been one of the most challenging things I have done.