My Snowy, Slushy, Shoe Sole Story

Bear with me here a moment…..(or is it bare?)—this really does relate to the law of attraction, but we just need to build the story first.  So I have a nice pair of winter boots that I let my ever growing daughter borrow (she is 9 and is outpacing me in every way, but that is another story). The sole of the boot came off at her school for unknown reasons. I bought Shoe Goo and fixed the boot and wore it during a heavy snow day a couple of weeks ago.  (This is really going somewhere if anyone is still reading=-)

Everything was going well, until the last mile and the sole started flopping around in the snow packed streets of Chicago, and then into Trader Joes where I needed to shop (this was slightly embarrassing even for a Laverty=-).  So I was half dragging and half shuffling my way with this broken shoe (sorry Shoe Goo Company).  I finally arrived home safely.

The next day my ankle started hurting, and I couldn’t figure out what had happened (I thought back to my workout the previous day). Then I realized, my one mile of shuffling created some internal damage to my ankle and foot!!!!!  I mean it hurt for SIX DAYS!   It got me to thinking about the Laws of Attraction (which almost everything does as you can see from these blog stories).  I was thinking about how sometimes I will have negative thought patterns or let my monkey mind take over my life for the moment…and then I was asking myself what kind of INTERNAL damage am I doing to my body and spirit as a result!!!!!????  I believe in the mind body connection and what Deepak Chopra writes about, and somehow my little shoe experience made it all the more real for me. 

Personally, I am going to do my best to focus on the positive, on what I want, on what is good and what I like about someone as much as possible….along with making sure I have good boots for my winter adventures=-)

Laverty Life Links:  Consider where you may be dragging around a broken shoe in your mind and life and how you can shift that thought or pattern towards something whole, complete and affirmative.  We all have rough moments or days to be sure, it seems to me that some of mine are wholly self-created and not really necessary at all=-)



If you Build it, They will Come….

I have gone to a weekly support group to clear out the gunk for the last 14 years…actually I started right around Valentine’s Day 2000=-) Happy Love Day to myself….Something happened last month at the group that highlighted an aspect of the Law of Attraction that I wanted to share! 

We normally meet in a conference room that fits 10 people around the table, and normally there are about 5-6 people there each week, give or take a few=-) About a month ago, we had to be relocated to a different room that was more of a seminar room and would fit 25 comfortably around the table.  On that day, 20 people came to the meeting. We have NEVER in the 14 years that I have been going had 20 people come to a meeting before!!!!! 

For me, it was just so cool bc it reminded me of the phrase “if you build it they will come”…and that day energetically and physically our group was saying we have PLENTY of room, feel free to come….and somehow the people in the universe heard the call and came.  Oddly enough, the next week we were back in our normal room, and we are back to the normal 5-6 people per meeting=-)

For me this story makes me think and feel deeply about the space I am leaving in my heart and in my life for the great things I want to attract.  I am open this year to more space in my heart and life for love and for peace=-) If you are interested in learning more about the group, let me know! It is public and free=-)

Laverty Life Link:  Where in your life do you want to have more space in this moment?  How do you plan to achieve that?  Feel free to journal and share about your vision of 2014 and beyond! You never know what will happen if you build it……they/it might come=-)