Let the Good Bugs Bite Tonight!

Let the Good Bugs bite tonight mom–this is how my daughter says goodnight.  I generally try to look on the bright side of things (Law of Attraction and all=-) and I don’t want to squash her creativity, but finally a few nights ago I said, “Honey, um….there really are no good bugs that bite people, like that just normally is not a good thing…so what are you talking about!?”

She said mom well these are the GOOD bugs and they bite you at night if you welcome them in. They fill you with love and trust and respect and good feelings and lightness, and then they leave after doing their duty. You have to welcome them in though, so let the good bugs bite tonight!

I went to bed thinking wow,,,,that I have never heard of, but what a beautiful idea…..I love my daughter more than life itself and this is a picture of her last weekend after running the 5K for “Make a Wish” foundation. She lets the good bugs bite every night I can tell you……

Laverty’s Life Link: Consider letting good feelings in when and where you least expect it today and see how it feels.WP_20150920_006


Ahhhh….Four Season Living=-)

Winter white forestI have noticed that many people seem to talk about the weather….often…..

That has always confused me, because one can’t really change the weather, one can change where they choose to live or how they choose to view the weather, but most of us cannot actually change weather patterns=-) I found myself thinking about why so many people choose to live in Chicago, and yet complain so often and heartily about the weather that is simply a part of living in Chicago.

I was thinking about “Four Season Living” and the benefits that may almost be invisible. I wonder if living amongst the four seasons allows us to experience the natural ebb and flow of life….hibernation in the Winter–taking things a bit more slowly…birthing in the Spring and finding new pleasures and new life….living out loud throughout the crazy fun Summer….and then chilling out in the gorgeous Fall….

I spent 6 weeks in Hawaii one year and every single day was sunny and 75 with a little sprinkle of rain midday some days. It was GORGEOUS and beautiful, and I love Hawaii…and yet I don’t know if I could thrive there. I was raised on four season living, and I might die here as well=-) I enjoy raising my daughter in Chicago for many reasons, and I am realizing one of them is the beauty of experiencing all life has to offer with regards to the weather and the natural cycles….

I wanted to share this so the next time you might find yourself in some crazy Chicago weather….perhaps you can enjoy the ride it is offering….or change your ride.

Laverty’s Life Link: Consider the benefits of the weather pattern you choose to live in and enjoy them…or consider moving to an area that more closely matches your personality and desires!

Have you done any “new things” for 2015? I did the “Cube”!

100_6264I had blogged about doing at least one new thing a week in a blog earlier this year, and I wanted to see if you tried any new things this year yet!?

I found it was easier to do one new thing a week than expected. It came naturally, and I noticed that it gave me a positive charge when I did it! The new experiences were fun, exciting and sometimes simply new and different than my normal routine.

One of the new things was going onto the cube at the top of the Sears Tower. When I first heard about the “cube” I didn’t think it would be a big deal at all, but when I was up there and as I very slowly inched my way out onto the clear sheet of plastic, I was really quite scared!!!! I didn’t want to let my daughter know how scared I was, because she is naturally so brave, and I don’t want to spoil any of that within her with my fear of heights etc. We had so much fun doing different poses and per the picture, Ireland made herself quite comfortable!

I had been up to the top of the Sears tower one other time 18 years ago with a special newcomer to our great city, so going up to the top counted as well since it had been over 10 years=-)

Laverty Life Link: Notice what it feels like when you do something new—how is it different than you expected, what emotions do you feel and how can you share that with someone in your life so you can keep the dialogue going on doing “new things” and what impact that has on you?

Connecting on Crucial Conversations

Pink heart flowersJoseph Grenny wrote a wonderful book called “Crucial Conversations”, and I agree with the authors who state that the ability to have those tough, and at times highly charged conversations, is one of the most important skills anyone can have both personally and professionally.

Having charged conversations has been an area I have worked on through the years and will continue to work on….forever=-) It does not come naturally to me which is why I appreciate books like “Crucial Conversations”.

Their definition of a Crucial Conversation is one where the “Opinions differ and Emotions and Stakes are high”. If you find yourself on the brink of a Crucial Conversation personally or professionally, their first success strategy is to “Start with Heart”. My interpretation of that is to take a moment to breathe, breathe into your own body and connect with that loving part of yourself, so you can come from love about yourself as well as come from love towards the other.

Think about what you appreciate about this person and what you are grateful for with regards to this relationship.

This is not always easy to do, but if you can take a moment to breath and connect with your heart and their heart before having the conversation, it most likely will go at least a little better than if you didn’t.

Laverty Life Links: Notice if you have a Crucial Conversation personally or professionally and if so, take a moment to “Start with Heart”. Notice how the conversation goes perhaps differently than if hadn’t connected with your heart first.


I dare me—you—US!? Happy New Year!=-)

I read a wonderful little memoir called “I Dare Me!” by Lu Ann Cahn about how she did something new every day for a year.  It was a fun little read, and it inspired me to think about getting out there and doing, being, choosing differently.

I am committed to one new thing a week which is only 52 “new things” in a year which felt VERY doable to me, almost easy!  Some simple changes from my first week made a difference fIMG_3366or me….I enjoyed a ton of new classes at a new workout center for the week–loved my new yoga, spinning and strength teachers…energizing!

I “let” my daughter go downhill skiing for the first time and she just conquered those hills with her usual grace and grit, and I said some extra prayers that day=-)  She’s my inspiration every day bc she does something new pretty much every day and her life reflects that passion and “joie de vivre”.

The list goes on, nothing life changing per se, but moment changing perhaps which leads to life changing….Here’s to a wonderful 2015!

Laverty’s Life Link:  Think about small, medium even large things you could choose differently each day and see how it feels…feel free to share your experiences with others and pass the inspiration forward=-)  Love, Tracy and truly–happy, peaceful new year to you…..

5 Human Feelings—You choose!?=-)

Happy, Sad, Angry, Fearful and Ashamed—I learned somewhere those were the five core human emotions and all emotions ultimately come from one of those. Taken to the next level truly every thought or feeling either comes from Love or Fear.

Something I have played with in my life is simply feeling somewhat at choice for which filter or lens I choose to view a situation which in turn affects how I feel about a situation.  So for example, if someone were to say to me—“Tracy—you are stupid.”  I could think, “Wow that is funny, bc I don’t think I am….hmmm, they must be having a bad day” and thus leave feeling peaceful, happy.

Or I coRainbow over wateruld think, “Oh man, I AM and I am so sad about that…it is devastating for my brain not to work as well as others” and thus feel sad.  Or conversely, I could think, “That idiot, THEY are stupid and rotten to boot” and create anger.  Shall I go on?!=-)

I truly believe that much of life is up to me to choose my responses and it allows for a much happier and more peaceful life for me when I choose my thoughts and my responses to life and others wisely.

Of course, sometimes I simply feel sad, mad or fearful and I allow myself to feel those things while doing a wonderful process called EFT, but that is a different blog=-)

Laverty’s Life Links: What emotion do you most commonly feel and what are the stories you are telling yourself?  Simply be conscious of your stories and the resulting feelings.  Be open to possibly choosing a loving thought if that might feel better.

A Flood of Gifts

Abstract sea and ocean backgrounds for your designI guess this is a bit of a Part II from the Flood of Opportunities=-)  A month later and through, I can share some of the amazing gifts that have come from the experience of having my home flooded. 

  1. Amazing, amazing people from my insurance company—their love, support, care and calmness in the face of the storm continues to amaze me.  I get off the phone with James and literally think…I love you…..He is so kind.
  2. Feeling like there is a net here in the universe—a support system such that when I fall, there is someone/something to catch me.  I wouldn’t have noticed the net unless I fell.
  3. Experience that “oneness” in the universe…we are all one, we are all connected…none higher, none lower….just one.
  4. Releasing my anger towards the people culpable for this and trusting that this was meant to be, and yet finding the empowerment to ensure it doesn’t happen again…to the best of my ability.
  5. Finding confidence, strength and empowerment in me in new arenas which will help me feel more capable in life.
  6. Showing my daughter how to weather a storm with grace..and having her follow in grace….this is priceless.

There are many more gifts for me, but you get the idea….I am also becoming Miss Home Depot which is slightly hilarious!

Laverty Life Links:  What is a situation you have weathered and what are the gifts you have gained?  Be sure to take the time to honor those gifts lest the universe think you need another round of lessons in that arena!!=-)