The Water Challenge! 

My sister Paige Laverty sent me the link below that shared one woman’s experience with drinking up to 100 ounces of water each day—we were inspired to drink more water each day…be it 80 ounces or ??– whatever felt right.  We took our before and after pictures and simply had fun with it!

What could be more simple, easy, free and more than likely “healthful” than to drink more water each day!?  I noticed my skin became very, very soft over the month—literally like baby skin softness!! My sister found that some of her joint aches and pains from all of her California surfing went away during the first week and hasn’t returned.

This is part of the try something new each week commitment from my last post, how is that going for you if you took that on!?=-)  100_6082

Laverty Life Link: If it feels right, try drinking even one more glass of water each day and see how you feel!


2 thoughts on “The Water Challenge! 

  1. elizjamison says:

    Let’s see the before and after pix! 😉 And, I finally joined Weight Watchers this week. This is day 3 – – feels good! But it is certainly challenging to start a new “habit” and get rid of the old.

  2. Congratulations, i know you have had a TON of success with WW in the past! Yes it can be a challenge and just give yourself a break if you “stop watching for a moment” and just get back on track…..i must say food isn’t easy for most of us! I think I know two people for whom food is not an issue at all. Keep us posted!

    For the life of me I couldn’t find a way to access my texted pre picture which was so horrid–80s mugshot, that I took it as a sign not to post and scare anyone. In the spirit of “doing something for the first time” from my last blog I will say this…if this blog gets 5 more more comments from 5 different people, i will search harder for a way to post as I do have my post shot=-)

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