5 Human Feelings—You choose!?=-)

Happy, Sad, Angry, Fearful and Ashamed—I learned somewhere those were the five core human emotions and all emotions ultimately come from one of those. Taken to the next level truly every thought or feeling either comes from Love or Fear.

Something I have played with in my life is simply feeling somewhat at choice for which filter or lens I choose to view a situation which in turn affects how I feel about a situation.  So for example, if someone were to say to me—“Tracy—you are stupid.”  I could think, “Wow that is funny, bc I don’t think I am….hmmm, they must be having a bad day” and thus leave feeling peaceful, happy.

Or I coRainbow over wateruld think, “Oh man, I AM and I am so sad about that…it is devastating for my brain not to work as well as others” and thus feel sad.  Or conversely, I could think, “That idiot, THEY are stupid and rotten to boot” and create anger.  Shall I go on?!=-)

I truly believe that much of life is up to me to choose my responses and it allows for a much happier and more peaceful life for me when I choose my thoughts and my responses to life and others wisely.

Of course, sometimes I simply feel sad, mad or fearful and I allow myself to feel those things while doing a wonderful process called EFT, but that is a different blog=-)

Laverty’s Life Links: What emotion do you most commonly feel and what are the stories you are telling yourself?  Simply be conscious of your stories and the resulting feelings.  Be open to possibly choosing a loving thought if that might feel better.


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