Prayer is Being Grateful or Asking…Meditation is Listening….

I don’t know when this idea first came to me..and perhaps it was through a book I was reading, but it is so clear to me that prayer (whatever or whomever you may pray to) is perhaps being grateful or asking for what one wants.  For me, meditation is listening…listening to my intuition, to source energy, to God….to that quiet voice.  I love the shavasana part of the Yoga practice. At the end of Yoga one lies on their back and is quiet for the closing minutes. I always want it to be longer!

I usually will ask a question that has been on my mind or heart and listen to what comes to me….I do this throughout the day as well bc it is so important to tap into that quiet voice that can guide me on my true path.  The more confused I am–the more important this practice is!!

Laverty’s Life Link:  To whom or what do you listen for your higher wisdom? How do you create the space in your life to listen to your inner guidance?

This blog is super short—more meditation, less me!!!=-)


Intuition Whispers—To Hear–You Need to Listen Closely and Choose….

Listen to the quiet message…to the whisper that is there between all the noise….that is where intuition lies (not really LIES though, you know what I am saying=-). 

As a Coach, I find it really tricky to coach people to find and listen to their is very subtle.  Clearly, when one can be grounded and quiet through being in nature, meditation and/or prayer, there are more chances for hearing your intuition.

The funny thing about intuition is that it is so quiet!  I remember one time I was driving the usual route to school and something very quiet said “turn right here”—“go the other way”.  I THOUGHT (first mistake=-), but why? Nope, I am just going to go the way I normally do.  Sure enough we ran into major construction and had to loop all around to get to where we needed to go.  In retrospect, I remembered that quiet voice inside that had said “go the other way”.  Intuition is not only quiet, but it does not carry a big stick.  It doesn’t breed fear, spread shame or show anger, it very simply and with love speaks to me…and then it is up to me to listen or not!!!

I do my best to listen to my intuition as much as possible…even silly times like yesterday, it said, “clean your windshield”, I thought, why?  I am almost home, I will just do it tomorrow…and then I said to myself, Tracy CLEAN YOUR WINDSHIELD, good lord!!!  Why mess with it….why take a chance and NOT listen…..who knows what could happen=-) Cleary I talk to myself a lot.

These are small and easy stories, but of course there are larger things at stake when listening to our “logic” vs our intuition–like whether we should go to MCA Family Day or should I write 5 blogs and Ireland can make 20 rubber band bracelets=-)  We chose to stay home as you can read….

Laverty’s Life Link:  How does your intuition show up? There are four different ways intuition expresses itself, one can: see things, hear things, sense things or just “know” things.   How do you foster the space in your life to sense your intuition?  What happens when you listen to it and what happens when you don’t?=-)

To me there is no closer connection to source energy than one’s intuition!

More Magnificent Men in Mauve

I was out and about on Valentine’s Day and the men were out in red on a five to one ratio=-) I think men can be the most romantic, sweet and lovely people, and I have been so lucky to have attracted wonderful partners.  I have often thought that if I ever wrote a book, I would dedicate it to the four boyfriends I have had. I may or may not ever write a book, so this is dedicated to former boyfriends—T, M, D and N….

I heard some people lamenting the other day about Valentine’s Day and how they didn’t have a “special partner” for the weekend celebrations.  I happen to be single as well, yet I feel so filled up with love from all the people and experiences in my life.  As the years go on, I have a sense of the love coming through friends, family, nature or spiritual forces, and it all means the world to me.  I feel as loved, special and beautiful as a single person, as I did when I was with one of my boyfriends. 

I know in part that I feel this way today because of the love I received from these four special people who loved me no matter what, told me I was beautiful, held me when I was scared or sad, and through their love, healed the wounds that were deep inside.  

Their unconditional love has meant the world to me…they are the reason why I can be the mom that I am, the friend that I am and do the work that I do today.  I share this in part bc I simply was inspired by all the sweet men out there in red yesterday. As well, some women have shared that they haven’t been with men who are loving and kind.  We are all worth that kind of healing and precious love–to give and receive it. There really are no words to express what I am trying to say, but this is the best I’ve got=-) Thinking of you today t, m, d and n…..

Laverty Life Link: Who has been special in your life–filling you with the kind of love that stays in your heart and soul through the years? Consider letting them know how much they have meant to you. 

Think of the people you have shared that kind of love with and be grateful that you have had the capacity to do so. It is truly a gift to give and receive that deep soul centered love. 

It Mattered to This One….

Some of you may have heard the story of the little girl and the starfish….she was throwing the starfish in one by one along the ocean. Someone came up to her and said, “there are 1000’s of these starfish, how could it possibly make a difference to throw in a few”. She looked up brightly and said, as she threw one in, “well it mattered to this one!”. 

This is an amazing story of making a difference in her corner of the world….I love that. Not many of us are Oprah or Tony Robbins and impacting thousands of people each day, but each of us can make a difference in our small corner of the world. I live by that to the best of my ability every day.

I wanted to share a story of someone who made a difference in my life.  When my parents were going through a divorce when I was 8, a woman/mom named Marilyn rented an extra bedroom at my dad’s house while she needed medical help in the area.  She had an authentic care for children and a deep belief in God.  She spent a lot of time with me–talking with me, asking me questions, playing the “Ungame” with me and simply being there in a way that was very, very special and important at that time in my life.

After all these years, we still keep in touch, and I was asking her some questions about her perspective of me when I was little and what was going on. I began to realize more and more how much of a difference she made in my life, and she was only there 6 short months.  I started crying as I shared how important she was to me and my future growth.  I was working out while chatting, so if you ever see someone bawling at the LA Fitness, it might be me, depending on the day=-)

Laverty’s Life Link:  How can you make a loving difference in your corner of the world?  Think about who has made a difference in your life with their loving touch, their friendly smile or their helping hand and share with them how important they are to you. That will for sure make a difference in their life…and the circle of caring continues.

Happy Happy Love Day….that can be every day……

As I told Marilyn, “I know it wasn’t easy living away from your family for that time and I wouldn’t wish your medical issues on anyone, but the time you shared with me, “made a difference” to this one…



Whether the Weather Weathers You

I have generally had a belief and focus that I was going to be happy no matter the weather….I simply don’t talk about the weather, unless it is positive.  Living in Chicago, that is a good thing, I can tell you=-) You don’t choose to live in Chicago for the consistently great weather!!=-)

Funny story on this…one day my California sister Paige took my daughter Ireland out to an adventure.  It was a cold, dreary, VERY GREY day out, and we burst out of our front door and Ireland exclaims, “What a BEAUTIFUL day it is today!  I can’t wait….” Paige looks at me like she is crazy, and I give her the stern, “don’t infect Ireland with your story on the weather please” look. Luckily Paige got the message, and after 9 years Ireland still will exclaim at any number of our Chicago days that it is a beautiful day out there to be living life…..I love my daughter. Similar to the dad in “Life is Beautiful”, I have strived to create a story and lifestyle that I believe will support her in living her best and most positive life possible every day. Being a mom is my greatest passion and the most important thing in my life. That is another story though….

The point of THIS story is what STORY are you going to make up about whatever the weather is today?  I hear people complaining about the weather and blaming the weather for any number of things. I truly do believe that we would be better off if we were a little more like I imagine animals to be and just simply saw the beauty in all of the weather that we happen to get….the rain brings gorgeous flowers, green grass and prosperous trees, the snow brings fun on the slopes (big OR Chicago small=-) and magical snow angels, the heat brings the perfect opportunity to dip in the pool or the lake and so on.

I thank god for the great weather we have every day in Chicago, and I love living here….wouldn’t live anywhere else…..until I do I guess….=-)

Laverty’s Life Link:  How can you be grateful for the silver lining in any and all weather that comes your way? Trust me, if you do, your day and life will brighten greatly no matter the wattage of the sun=-)

Spin a Good Attitude and Create a Great Altitude

I have been to 100’s of spinning classes, and I have been fascinated by a few of the instructors.  We have a new Friday am instructor at my club. There weren’t many people there and there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm in the group, but she came to us with bold and bright energy each week!  She was having us do chants and different spinning “moves” and really brought heart, soul, humor and a big smile to the class.

At one point someone said, “there is no one here” and she said, “there will be…we will bring in our new tribe”.  It is not easy to bring that kind of energy and boldness to a few lackluster spinners and keep bringing it week after week.  Yesterday I acknowledged her for her positive spirit and energy and told her it made a difference to me and I am sure to others.  She said “I needed that today”. She had a lot more people drift in and a few really vocal folks who were clearly joining with her energy and vibe.

I share this because there are so many fun Law of Attraction points to this story. Today I will focus on how your attitude determines your altitude=-) She really brought the right attitude each class NO MATTER WHAT…even if we were silent and slow, even if we were not into it, even if some of us had our own headphones on–she brought it…..and then she brought it again–it is contagious. It is not always easy to bring a great attitude….she inspired me, and I wanted to share a piece of her with you as well.

Laverty’s Life Link:  Where does your attitude bring yourself and possibly others forward and up?  How can you celebrate that?

Where does your attitude bring yourself/others down? What are you willing to do to change your attitude and focus… create a new altitude? This may be as easy as focusing on what you are grateful for and how you want to feel in that may be as easy as a sincere smile to a friendly face.

I Wanna See YOU be Brave=-)

“Brave” by Sara Bareilles

“Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave”

I watched a little of the Grammy’s and the commercial around women being brave was probably my favorite part–#empowering=-)) Women Empowering Women is the theme of our Women’s Peer group, and I thought the commercial shared the essence of that…women….empowering…women….and women being brave.

I was thinking about bravery and how for each of us different things require us to be brave. When I was in my late 20’s, I wanted to test my physical fears, so I went sky diving, scuba diving with the sharks and did the AIDS bike ride (100 miles a day for 6 days).  These days, my fears are more around those authentic and crucial conversations that are sometimes needed in relationships=-)

The commercial inspired me to find that edge..find that thing that makes me scared and where I might need to find that courage within to achieve the goal.  I am going to face my fear of being judged and be open to hear others perspectives on my life and my choices, and see what happens (ah the beautiful unknown)…perhaps the flip side of the song.. “I wanna hear what you wanna say….let the words fall out..” Both parties need to be brave in authentic conversations=-)

Laverty Life Links:  What are you going to do this week to be brave—what is your edge?  How can you empower other women to be brave as well?